DPI - LPC Series 48 Volt 17 Amps
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Do YOU Really need a new charger?  Trying to charge dead batteries will not work!
There has to be a minimum voltage in the batteries or the charger will not work!
Older Lester chargers need about 70% of normal charge
 and the newer chargers made beginning in 2004 need to sense only 5 volts
For the Quick Chargers - on boards 50% - 10 volts on the portables

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Product Information 
Motive Power Charger- LPC Series 36V
Input: 120V
Output: 48V 17A 

MSRP $499.25 Our LPC Series of battery chargers provide a 5-Stage charging system that allows your battery to be charged and/or maintained for peak performance. The 48V LPC charger generates 17Amps of output for ultra fast and complete charging. This unit offers a standard 9' Output cable with selected plug. Optional Battery and Vehicle connections are also available. FACTORY SET TO MODE 1 FOR US BATTERY.   Also available MODE 2 for Trojan Batteries, MODE 3 for EXIDE batteries & MODE 4 for Full River Batteries

The 5-Stage charge system allows the 36V LPC Series to analyze the charge state and condition of an individual battery or battery pack. It will then proceed with a charging sequence to refresh and recharge the battery/battery pack to achieve top performance. This unit also has a Mode select field so the owner can choose the correct type of charging solution for His/Her battery/battery pack.

Safe, No Spark Charging

Reverse Battery Protection
17 Amp Charging Output
Temperature Monitoring
Inhibit Shutdown
On-Board Ammeter
Mode Select Field
3 year warranty

230Volt 50Hz available for only $20 more - call to order 928-567-4433

Delivered PRICE $319.00 in 48 States with E-Z-GO TXT (Rectangular - Notched) 48 Volt plug .


Delivered PRICE $319.00 in 48 States with 48 Volt plug for Yamaha 2002 and newer.


Delivered PRICE $319.00 in 48 States with 48 Volt  ClubCar DS (Round 3 pin Connector) for - 1995 and older.


Delivered PRICE $319.00 in 48 States with 48 Volt  CrowsFoot plug. 


Delivered PRICE $319.00 in 48 States with 48 Volt  SB50 plug for - 1995 and older .

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